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Client Profile - SASHUK
KALLKWIK have recently installed the most sophisticated and comprehensive casement vent handling systems at SASH.

The production line starts with Schirmer-prepared profile which is welded on 3 tilting Urban welders. The transport system feeds and tracks the bar-coded frames to the SV800, optimising the efficiency of the cleaning unit.

After the frames are cleaned they automatically move to the buffer zone. From the buffer area 6 work stations with bar code scanners are fed by the unique conveyor system. Any vent that is introduced to the work station is automatically recognised and flags up hardware details to the assembler. 800 sashes a day can be processed efficiently in this document-free zone.

The assembled sashes are sent along the lower level of the conveyor system to another 360 bay buffer zone, where they are deposited in groups of related product. The exact location of these products is relayed to the outerframe assembler so that the final assembly can be executed quickly and efficiently.
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