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Client Profile - Sierra Windows
Sierra Windows have recently purchased a Schirmer 6 axis G - SU2 that features twin G-modules that can prepare profile to the front and back simultaneously.

The Schirmer range of machining centres is recognised as the best in the world. The G-module design of machining preparation is impressive to anyone who knows about PVC-U production. The SU2 saw systems will perform any cut you are ever likely to need.

The new generation of Schirmers now features a magnetic, linear, feeding device with speeds of up to 220 metres a minute. There are no moving parts within the drive unit itself, which keeps the maintenance to a minimum. This innovation will deliver the profile to the machining or cutting station at very high speed and tolerances.

Trickle vents, letterbox and handle preparation for doors are performed to the front and back of the profile exactly to the customer's specification.

After checking that the correct profile has been inserted , the Schirmer software detects tolerances as fine as 0.3mm and can flag up warning messages on the computer screen. Automatically detecting of laminating and coloured profile is also built into the software package that is the heart of Schirmer control.
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