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The Univer SCAREBEO 55
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The cutting centre type UNIVER SCARABEO 55 is an automatic machine for cutting of PVC Profiles, made of four different interconnected working units.
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Bar loading magazine it consists in a welded sheet structure, composed of 5 supporting units moving the bars to the automatic pusher. Each support is composed of a moving device, with round section belts, controlled by a three-phase electric motor reducer. The loading magazines has a max. loading capability of about 8-10 bars.

Automatic bar pusher with controlled axis and linear unit for the bar movement towards the cutting unit. It is powered by a brushless motor with an epicycloidal reduction gear. Cutting unit with a 500 mm, diameter, 3 HP three-phase electric motor and tilting support to cut at 135 - 90 - 45.

Automatic positing device, which permits to carry out wedge cuts and have to always the centre of rotation of the cutting unit matching the centre of the profile section. 2 Vertical pneumatic clamping kits and 2 horizontal pneumatic clamping kits.

Automatic device for cut bars unloading, with pneumatic control and vertical blocking cylinder. Scrap and waste cuts evacuation system. Safety guard with front door for inspections in the cutting zone, when necessary.

Unloading and cut pieces storage unit, pneumatically controlled, with a storage level and a safety protection.

The machine is controlled by an industrial computer with: LCD TFT colour display, hard disk, touch-sensitive keyboard, 1.44 Mb floppy disk, dialogue with PLC for the working cycle management. The program permits: Storage of profile data. Receving cutting lists from floppy disks in ASC11 Format. Optimising cutting lists.Viewing and/or editing cutting lists. Creating and editing the desired format for the labels to be applied on pieces.

Remote assistance via modem.
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