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Features Include:


1.       WINDOW SASH, FRAME and DOOR SASH AND FRAME Cutting and Machining Centre for cutting length of one piece at a time, at 45 and 135 degrees, mitre cuts 90 degrees for square cuts, arrowheads, V and part V notching.


2.      Automatic in feed carousel magazine with 12 positions visible at a time, index as required by the computer software.


3.      Loading requirements displayed on the control console.



4.       Special extruded anodised aluminium support sections to maintain adequate support for a variety of profile types.


5.      High Speed NC controlled in feed/out feed gripper unit to transport the full 6 metre or re-useable off cut length through the BAZ I-G machining centres, for direct delivery to the BAZ II cutting centre. Fitted with linear encoder for greater accuracy at such high speed.


6.      BAZ I Machining base unit.


7.      Electronics and fibre optic control circuitry.


8.      Necessary clamps and supports to hold the profile in the

         correct position


9.      Canopy to provide for a safe working area and reduction in noise and swarf.


10.    Swarf catcher trays with extractor connections.


11.    G Module NC three axis controlled Machining unit fitted with routers and drills to provide the following machining functions:-


·        Water slot drainage routers to provide drainage to the top, bottom and faces of the sections

·        Anti Bow and security wedge screw position pilot

·        Lock case router unit with movement across to produce up to a 16mm wide slot or as required

·        Door bolt routing

·        Lock keep pilots

·        Door hinge pilots

·        Door lock machining for cylinder

·        Door lock machining for lever handle fixing holes

·        Slot Vent routing with off set capability inside to outside face.

·        Weather strip pilots for door sash.

·        Triple drill by router for internally beaded sashes.

·        Cockspur handle pilots for sashes.

·        Cockspur wedge pilots for frames.

·        Up stand removal.


12.    Triple drill unit for externally beaded sashes.


13     High Speed NC controlled transfer gripper unit to take over   the transportation of the 6 metre length through to the BAZ II Cutting centre. This unit is also fitted with the latest technology Fibre optic data transference and encoding systems.


14.    Profile support sections and clamps to guide the machined bar through to BAZ II.


15.    BAZ II Machining and cutting unit.


16.    Electronics and fibre optic control circuitry.


17.    Necessary clamps and supports to hold the profile in the

         correct position.


18.    Canopy to provide for a safe working area and reduction in noise and swarf.


19     BAZ SU1 CNC Single Mitre Blade with NC control of the blade traverse in all directions including cutting. (Variable angles are achievable)


20.    Special TCT saw blade ‘Silent tm’ type.


21.    Waste piece conveyor to take to cut from under the saws and discharge them into your container.


22.    High speed NC out feed gripper unit to transport the cut pieces to the out feed belt table.


23.    Transfer Magazine with 36 positions, for automatic transport to the SBZ, with 12 manual steel insertion positions


24.    Control Console having Pentium industrial standard computer


·        3.5” disk drive

·        Min 450 mb hard disc

·        Full keyboard and hot keys

·        14” LCD colour monitor

·        Control software and backup discs

·        Computer software to accept your data transfer link

·        DOS operating software and Beckhoff control software


25.     Two dust extractors.


26.     Automatic label printer.


27.     Automatic in-line profile height check system with operator warning message and auto correction of point length.


28.     Modem and PC Anywhere software


29.     Safety fencing with access doors linked to the ‘emergency stop’ safety   system.


30.     Display to advise operator of required reinforcement

/strip to be inserted into the indicated positions on the

transfer magazine.  Control linked into operator control